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Is a sibling DNA test worth it? Let's take a look at some ways answering these family questions might benefit you.


Taking a DNA test can help you confirm if someone who you think might be your sibling really is. But can it help you find a sibling that you never knew you had?

Although the chances of this occurring are slim, it's certainly not impossible. Your lost sibling simply needs to have taken a DNA test within the same database as yours, so their results will come up as a match. If they're in a different database, it won't work.


If you and your sibling (or supposed sibling) have long suspected there's more to the story than what your parents told you, a sibling DNA test can help you get the answers. This can clear up questions that seem otherwise impossible to answer.

Even standard DNA tests can raise some questions. Because our DNA gets recombined for each individual, a pair of siblings may get very different results from an ancestry test. If those results are too different, you might find yourself wondering if you're really siblings at all.

Full sibling vs half sibling

When looking at children, its about the amount of common DNA they share in determining if they are full-siblings or half-siblings. Everyone gets half their DNA from their mother and half from their father. So here is the breakdown of approximate common DNA shared for different relationships:

Full siblings: 50% of same DNA (Same mother and father)

Half Siblings: 25% of the same DNA (Share DNA from 1 parent)

As a side note, half-siblings share the same amount of DNA as a person does with a grandparent, Aunt, or Uncle. First cousins would share 12.5% of the same DNA, and second cousins just 6.125% shared DNA.


Which Test is the right DNA test to answer your questions?

There are 2 siblingship tests to choose from and you might need to decide if the test needs to be the legal version or not. Lets review these options and alleviate any confusion.

Full Siblings vs. Half Siblings

This test will determine the probability, or likelihood, that 2 or more people have the same biological father, with the assumption that they all have the same mother. We recommend that, if possible, samples from the biological mother also be tested. However, if this is not possible, the testing can still be performed accurately.

Half Siblings vs. Unrelated

With this test, the question to be answered is, “Do we have one parent in common”. In most cases, the participants know they have different mothers but want to know if they have the same father. With this test we are looking for only one common parent (usually the father, however we can also test to determine if they share the same biological mother) .

Just like the full-siblings test, including a mother's DNA sample may help with a stronger result in some cases. There is no additional cost to include one mother's DNA sample with the initial testing.

At Home vs. Legal Sibling Tests

The At home sibling test uses the same standards and produces the same results as our AABB accredited legal sibling test. The difference is in the “Chain of Custody” process. The Legal Siblingship test requires the collection of the samples to be scheduled at a DNA collection site where trained DNA collectors will collect the sample, verify identification of tested people, and send the samples to the lab. All collection fees are included in the price of the test and there are over 3500 locations across the United States to ensure a convenient location is available for most people.

How to take an At Home Sibling DNA Test

The most accurate method of obtaining your DNA is to use a buccal swab, which is very similar to a "Q-tip" cotton swab. The swabs are rubbed on the inner cheeks of the mouth of those being tested. We provide all the materials needed and detailed instructions for the DNA collection in our DNA Test Kit.

How much does a sibling DNA test cost?

With such an important test answering a big family question, you need to understand the price. This is where we believe it is critical to offer a 100% reliable and accurate sibling test at an affordable price.

The price for testing includes a Consolidated Lab Testing DNA collection kit sent to you by USPS Priority mail, all collection materials, a prepaid mailer for returning your samples, all lab processing fees, and results from our AABB accredited DNA testing lab.

Price Number of People Testing


2 Siblings


2 Siblings + 1 Mother

+ $75

Each Additional Person

+ $100

Non-standard DNA Sample (per sample)