When will my results be ready?

Once our laboratory has received all the tested parties’ samples, we will complete the test within 2-3 business days.

How will I receive my results?

You will receive your DNA test results via email. The email address used in the order process is the only email address that we will send results to.

What do the results look like, and how do I interpret them?

A paternity test result includes a table that lists: The allele sizes of the different DNA markers examined and used in the statistical analysis portion of the test (i.e., the DNA profile) A Probability of Paternity value A Combined Paternity Index (CPI) value You will want to focus on the Probability of Paternity. A result of 0% means the alleged father is not the biological father; a result of 99.99% or higher means the alleged father is the biological father. The CPI value represents the odds against another random, untested male in the population having the same results as the tested man.

Who should consider the Legal Test option?

The legal paternity test is intended for court use and is accepted as definitive legal proof of paternity or non-paternity in courts throughout the United States. If the legal testing option is chosen, an appointment will be scheduled for the parties involved for sample collection at a designated CLT chain-of-custody sample collection facility. CLT has a network of over 2500 collection facilities with the United States.

What if the parties to be tested live in different cities or do not wish to attend the same appointment?

If the parties involved live in different cities, separate appointments can be arranged for each individual in their respective location. The appointment date is arranged for clients by our Booking Department and can usually be arranged very quickly.

Does the mother need to be tested?

Testing the mother is optional. The test is absolutely conclusive even if the mother is not tested.

Is the Private Home DNA Test as accurate as the Legal Test?

The Home DNA Test is just as accurate as our legal DNA tests and will provide the same absolutely conclusive results. The only difference between the private test and the legal test is whether the sample collection is witnessed and a chain of custody process is followed from start to finish.

Can the results from the Home DNA Test be used in court?

There is no difference in the accuracy between the private knowledge test and the legal test. However, for results to be admissible in court, proper steps must be taken during sample collection to ensure witnessing and verification, a process called "chain of custody". The "court admissible" version of the home kit contains all documents required for third party witnessing and the results can be used in court. If you plan on using the results in court, you should either choose the court admissible home kit, or the legal test (attend appointment for sample collection).