6 Reasons a Paternal DNA Test Is Useful

6 Reasons a Paternal DNA Test Is Useful

  • Ryan Jacobs

Paternity tests have become associated with reality TV and family turmoil. The truth is far less dramatic.

Paternity tests provide important answers and documentation for families from all backgrounds, geographic areas, and economic levels. They have both emotional and practical benefits whether the child you're testing is a teenager or hasn't been born. That's why 300,000 are performed in the US every year.

Considering whether to get a paternal DNA test? Here's what you stand to gain.

Benefits of Getting a Paternal DNA Test

Whether you're the mother or potential father of a child, here are seven powerful reasons to get a DNA test.

1. Establish Responsibility

It takes two people to create a child, so two people need to be equally responsible for that child's well-being. Of course, raising a child is no small feat.

No one wants to raise a child alone or take responsibility for someone else's child. A paternity test will set the record straight and indicate definitively who needs to take responsibility for the child.

This benefits your family in your private life and in potential family court too. If you need a child support ruling now or in the future, the court may require a paternity test. Even if you don't, the test results will let both parents know that they're taking appropriate responsibility.

2. Settle Questions Once and for All

When there is a question about a child's paternity, it can put a severe strain on the family dynamic. This is especially true if the mother and father are in a relationship.

Paternity questions and the related trust issues that come with them tend to show up in one argument after another. Every time you look at your child, you're analyzing their features and behaviors to see if they resemble you or your partner.

A DNA test can set the record straight once and for all and answer the question that hangs over your family like a rain cloud.


3. Have a Complete Birth Certificate

When you have a child, you have a choice about whether or not to list the father on the birth certificate. Many families don't list the father if they aren't certain about paternity because it's difficult to remove that name later.

Ideally, though, most parents would prefer to have both parents' names on their child's birth certificate. It ensures that all their records are consistent and clear throughout their life.

A prenatal DNA test can confirm a father's paternity so you can be confident about the birth certificate. If your child has already been born, remember that you can also take a paternity test and add a father's name to a birth certificate later.

4. Have Documentation for Custody Lawsuits

A custody battle is never a fun experience. While the majority of custody arrangements are settled between the parents, it goes to another level if you need to get the court involved.

Sometimes courts will require paternity documentation because they award any amount of custody to a father. After all, they wouldn't want to give custody to someone who isn't the child's true father.

A DNA test will give you the documentation you need to proceed with your court case.

5. Citizenship Documentation

A child's parenthood doesn't just determine their medical makeup and who has responsibility for them. It also impacts the country or countries where they're citizens.

In the United States, a child is a citizen if they are born to a US citizen or if they were born in the US. However, every country's citizenship requirements are different.

A paternity test may provide documentation you need to verify your child's citizenship. This is especially true if you don't list a father on your child's birth certificate.

6. A Sense of Identity for Your Child

Most of the purposes above are practical reasons you may want a paternity test for your child. As valid as this all is, we can't underestimate the emotional impact of those test results.

When a child is young, their view of the world is limited. Their parents are their primary resources for understanding themselves and the world around them.

No matter how old or young a child is, knowing their parentage gives them a more solid sense of identity. They can recognize where they get certain attributes and feel more confident in their relationships with their parents.

Getting Answers Once and for All

If you aren't sure what impact a person's paternity has on their life, ask someone who doesn't know who their father is. It makes a variety of legal matters more complicated. More importantly, it can impact a child's worldview for their entire life.

As huge as the consequences are, a paternal DNA test is a remarkably simple solution. The test is quick, painless, and inexpensive enough to be accessible to anyone.

If you want to reap all the benefits above and create a more stable future for your family, you can take that step today. Shop our paternal DNA tests online.